IFBB Pro Eddie Robinson, Trainer of Champions since 1989. Trained under the guidance of Joe Weider aka the "Master Blaster", Arthur Jones; Inventor of Nautilus and Hammer Strength equipment, Dr. Fredrick Hatfield aka "Dr. Squat"; owner of the I.S.S.A, and Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale; World Record Holder and author. 

About Eddie Robinson

 • 1998- 2003 I.F.B.B. Professional Bodybuilder 

• 18 I.F.B.B. Pro Titles  

• 56 Florida power lifting/Bodybuilding Titles  

• Two World Record Bench 1986  

• Mr. Teen USA 1983  

• Mr. America 1986  

• Mr. USA 1989  

• World Record Bench 575 lb. 1986 

• World Record Bench 610 lb. 1986  

• I.F.B.B Pro Gold’s Classic Pro Invitational Winner 1991  

• Night of the Champions 

• Vince McMahons WBF Superstar  

• Mr. JR. Nationals Champion  

• Olympia Competitor, Arnold Classic 1990-1993  

• Panama Jack Arm wrestling Champion 1996  

• Ranked #1 world power lifting  

• 85 Career Covers National/International  

• Over 350 Career Articles National/ International 

Flex Magazine 2013 December Issue: Listing IFBB Pro Eddie Robinson Strongest bodybuilder.  

March 2011: Joe Weider’s  Muscle & Fitness and Iron Man recognized as bodybuilding and Fitness Legend for being in the Guinness book of world records for bodybuilding, power lifting, arm wrestling, and for capturing the most covers (Eighty-Five) in IFBB history. Listed as the strongest  bodybuilder of all time capturing Numerous world records and feats of  strength.  

2006 March Issue Flex Magazine: Listed IFBB Pro Eddie Robinson Strongest IFBB Pro Past and Present.



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