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The secrets to my success are fact, not a smoke and mirror pitch to take your money! The reason I am sharing this knowledge with you is so that you can have success in whatever sport you participate in and more importantly, a lifestyle that will keep you young, healthy, and at the top of you game for the long run! Today, most nutrition companies and publications are far off the beaten path in educating consumers on longevity and wellness and try instead to sell the customer on gimmicky products like the new improved NO2, plasma expanders, and miraculous weight loss products...bla,,bla, bla.. What they do is neglect to educate the public on the #1 factor, that before you start any nutritional program or diet you must start with a clean “GUT” by incorporating a clean nutritional lifestyle with the proper cleansing protocol. That a diet based on proper foods full of good bacteria such as live cultures yogurts, organic vegetables, and raw foods in their natural state is how God meant for them be consumed! Most people don’t follow this type of diet based on raw organic foods but eat fast foods, processed foods, truck ripened fruit and vegetables full of pesticides grown and sprayed with God knows what kind of chemicals to lengthen the shelf life, hormone laden poultry, beef, and even farm raised fish! People don’t realize that the goal in the livestock industry is to get them to slaughter and market in ½ the normal development time. This is scary! Yes, scary that we are pumping these toxins in our body every day! 



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