"Eddie Robinson and I first met at one of my bikini competition 20 years ago on Clearwater Beach, FL. Eddie was sitting there jacked and stacked with muscle as he judged the ladies in this competition saw my talent and rated me first place. I saw his talent and hired him as my personal trainer for the NPC. Eddie’s level of experience is an amazing inspiration and he brings true art to the sport. He trained me for NPC Team Universe in 2011 and NPC North American Masters 2014. Through his personal training I am challenged and he taught me all of the key elements it takes to become a professional competitor.  Eddie gives my mind and body that extra push and spirit it takes to follow through with my dreams. I recommend Eddie to both men and women and I look forward to training with Eddie for my next show." 

- Tammy Delgiacco

"I contacted Eddie when I decided to return to the gym after being away for about eight years. I just wanted a few sessions to refresh my form and "get in to a routine." Just looking at him I knew that he could show me how to use the free weights and gain some strength, but my God the knowledge that this man has is incredible. I feel extremely safe and I trust that Eddie will push me as far as my body will go. He is always professional and I look forward to  my mornings with him. We have been "getting into a routine" now for about two years! He is my motivation and I could not ask for a better trainer." 

- Ronnie Balko

"Victory has many meanings.  For my son Evan Wakayama, victory meant ending a cycle of lower body breaks and injuries.  My son Evan was diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatter disease  in 6th grade.  His busy sports life ended with that diagnosis and his body started becoming severely misaligned.  After many injuries and repeated unsuccessful times at "physical therapy" I reached out to Eddie Robinson as a last ditched effort to help my son take back control of his body.  Within one month and much work Eddie had Evan's posture and alignment in order.  With that improvement came amazing strength gains and much improved over-all health.  NONE of this was getting accomplished with "traditional"  physical therapy.  Evan has stayed training  with Eddie throughout high school and in addition to drastically changing this child's health he has been a wonderful mentor and friend to Evan during these important years." 

- Christa Wakayama

Team V


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"As a show prep coach, competitor and trainer myself, I have been in the industry for 14 years and was always very impressed with Eddie's background. He is the best motivator EVER. He has trained under Joe Weider, Arthur Jones, Mauro Di Pasquale, and Dr. Fred Hatfield to name just a few, making him someone who's training knowledge is second to none. Eddie's approach with every client is hands on and tailored to their specific needs. I can say his workouts are intense, focusing on stimulating different muscle fibers using HIT training. He knows how to design plans for any body type and can develop muscles in places people never knew existed. He also focuses on injury prevention and proper form to make training safe and effective. His techniques are one of a kind and I highly recommend him as a coach and trainer. I am his #1 fan!!!" 

- Kelly Lynn Nauyokas


"If you are truly serious about getting in shape or going to the next level of your training, you want the best coach/trainer you can find and that person is Eddie Robinson. He's a motivator that lives and breathes his profession. It's in his blood. He's done it all. So when it comes to your fitness and health, there is only one choice: Eddie Robinson."   

- Mike Cary 


"First, I want to thank Eddie Robinson not  only for transforming me physically but mentally as well. Before I started training with him, I would always "workout another day". Now, I look forward to my sessions because not only do we train hard but we are constantly laughing; he makes it FUN. As soon as I started seeing results, I wanted to train even harder. The motivation he has given me is amazing. He makes it FUN. I am not a training to compete; my goal is to be fit and healthy. My husband, Billy is Eddie's biggest fan because he reaps the benefits of having a healthy, fit wife. Thank you Eddie, probably one of the best decisions of my life. I appreciate all you do for me." 

- Natalie Bullard